The Chinook Wind- Are your trees ready?

The Chinook Wind, aka The Pineapple Express, is a meteorological phenomenon that can land storms in the Pacific Northwest from October to April. This Atmospheric River builds in the Pacific Ocean and hits the west coast with a warm jetstream. When heavy rains that saturate the soil combine with extreme winds, trees can fail. Root systems provide weaker foundations to windthrown canopies, and gusts can make new leaves shake like a hula skirt at a luau.

Tree failures during extreme Pineapple Express systems are possible and happen very fast. Please, do not take any unnecessary risks around large trees during these heavy winds. Sleep in a different room if there is a suspect branch over a bedroom. Prepare for power outages. Contact us immediately to schedule emergency work in the event of a tree failure, as companies can book out for months after a storm. Even better, have GreenTree Arborists come out for a free estimate before these storms arrive. We can provide risk assessments and prescribe appropriate pruning procedures that reduce end-weight to heavy branches in preparation for the next blast from the Big Island. Aloha!

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